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Rebuilding & Maintenance

AVI International, Inc. (AVI) specializes in the design, upgrade, repair and service of Submersible Pumping Motor Units. AVI is one of the world’s leading sales and service companies focused on Electrical Generating and Waste Water Treatment pumps. AVI services pumps throughout the world including Asia, Australia, Canada, England, Middle East, Philippines, South America, and the United States

Our goal is to provide our customers with pumps that are cost effective while exceeding industry performance standards for quality and longevity based on ISO 9003 and the old CSA-Z299.3 QA standards. We also provide Engineering Upgrades to existing pumps for improved reliability and efficiency


Our Technical Staff can assist you with all your circulating pump needs, from the redesign of the windings to mechanical upgrades and assessing operating procedures. AVI provides its customers with one of the industries best support networks for service, technical expertise and parts. We look forward to servicing you today and in the future.

AVI Services

Pump Rebuilds & Maintenance

It starts with a proper evaluation, if necessary root cause analysis of a specific problem. Then a clear and concise report with a quote sent for review. Our shop is always available to our customer's at any stage from evaluation to final assembly. The repair and rebuild use the finest materials available to us, with a strong emphasis on the use of domestic materials used in the manufacture of new equipment and spare parts. Our combined experience exceeds 250 years, quite a foundation on which your repair is based.

Boiler Water Circulating Pump Parts

AVI stocks or has immediate access to materials for any repair to just about every type and size of Boiler Water Circulating Pump. We stock more bearing parts using domestic materials than anyone else in the industry, and can provide individual parts, complete assemblies or indeed entire units. We provide reverse engineering service whereby we can offer replacement parts that are no longer available or obsolete.

Machine Shop Services

The AVI Machine Shop has over thirty-seven different major pieces of equipment designed to build and re-manufacture parts and products. AVI is in a position to remedy most any situation. Our OD grinder we can finish shafts with a TIR of less than .002" over 12ft. The Horizontal Milling Machine can handle pieces in excess of 13tons. and is constantly verified to maintain tolerances of less than .003.
Our in-house facility can do it now and build it right.

Production Equipment Rebuilding

It started with Boiler Pumps for the utility market which is the heart of the boiler. We had to trouble shoot, machine, weld, stress relieve, straighten, manufacture new parts, re-wind the motor and the list goes on. So when some of our physical neighbors contacted us with equipment troubles that prevented them for running production lines it was easy for us to provide solutions to many of their problems. Our field engineers are used to finding solutions to problems half way around the world. When it is on our back door we can excel in providing a real time solution quickly and affordably with a team of dedicated professionals with our customers best interest in mind.

Green Energy - "Land & Water Based

AVI International Inc has been helping utilities around the world since 1993 to move  toward a cleaner, healthier energy future by providing engineering and resources to increase the efficiency of existing equipment and to incorporate new technologies in the process of generating electricity. AVI's first hand knowledge of mixer technology for anaerobic digesters has allowed may sites to operate more efficiently with less waste and less down time. Our background in ocean wave energy capture is leading to new and promising products for the future.  AVI provides healthy doses of common sense and blends it with new technologies to make your project greener for our planet.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Support

From the early days of AVI we have been repairing and rebuilding mixers for anaerobic digester throughout the USA . Our large soft bearing balance machine we can supply our customers a product that will operate with less vibration than most. Our Machine shop can repair or reproduce most any part required.  AVI has an alliance with Henkel Loctite which has provided our company with application training and certification. We have the knowledge and the right application to prevent many problematic areas of wear, corrosion, and material fatigue. Our Field service staff has and is ready at a moment's notice to support a solution to your most difficult problem.

"The finest tools in the hands of a fool is nothing but a worthless thing

But the poorest kind with a will behind can fashion a throne for a king"
Author Unknown

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