Pump Upgrades

AVI is the leader in pump rebuilding...

AVI is the leader in pump rebuilding, and pump upgrades. with thousands of our modified pumps operating around the world.  We take your old pump and give it performance and efficiency upgrades by Implementing our exclusive OEE Technology.  

Our implementation of OEE Techhnology (Optimal Electrical Efficiency) can modify your existing BWCP to produce more energy, with less friction and have longer service life while helping reduce your operational costs making it a superior value over the competition.

Below are some of the upgrade services we offer.



Motor Characteristics:




Pump Characteristics:


Boiler Water Circulating Pump motor windings.

AVI's Wet Stators are crafted to exacting specifications.  Our high quality winding cable is American made and our BWCP windings have minimal connections results in eliminating points of failure.  AVI's submersible coils are hand formed by Master Craftsmen creating an optimally efficient stator from 250 hp thru 1,400 hp 50 and 60 cycle 440vac thru 7,300vac.

AVI maintains emergency spare parts for winding many styles of Boiler Water Circulating pumps from 250 hp -1400 hp Hayward Tyler KSB Ingersoll Rand and Flowserve. Our processes and protocols allow for maximum cooling while maintaining the integrity of the coils against reeding cold flow and other detrimental effects . Our winding team is one of the most experienced teams in the industry.  AVI's Super Safe Terminal glands have never failed in service due to workmanship or materials. We can provide new BWCP stator laminations and new BWCP Stator cores. We will repair and refurbish Boiler Water Circulating Pump stators on an emergency basis.


AVI maintains an inventory of Hastelloy winding cans commonly found in General Electric or Westinghouse BWCPs for the power plants that require a dry winding BWCP.

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