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Rebuilding & Maintenance

AVI International, Inc. (AVI) specializes in the design, upgrade, repair and service of Submersible Pumping Motor Units. AVI is one of the world’s leading sales and service companies focused on Electrical Generating and Waste Water Treatment pumps. AVI services pumps throughout the world including Asia, Australia, Canada, England, Middle East, Philippines, South America, and the United States

Our goal is to provide our customers with pumps that are cost effective while exceeding industry performance standards for quality and longevity based on ISO 9003 and the old CSA-Z299.3 QA standards. We also provide Engineering Upgrades to existing pumps for improved reliability and efficiency


Our Technical Staff can assist you with all your circulating pump needs, from the redesign of the windings to mechanical upgrades and assessing operating procedures. AVI provides its customers with one of the industries best support networks for service, technical expertise and parts. We look forward to servicing you today and in the future.

AVI Services

Pump Rebuilds & Maintenance

AVI, has been repairing Boiler Water Circulation Pumps for over 25 years. We service General Electric, Hayward Tyler, Ingersoll Rand, KSB and Westinghouse pumps. Our facility has all the equipment necessary to repair, refurbish or upgrade your pump.

Boiler Water Circulating Pump Parts

AVI offers a reliable supply of quality replacement parts, complete assemblies and entire units. We stock more bearing parts using more domestic materials than anyone else in the industry. Most parts usually ship out within 24 hours.

Machine Shop Services

The AVI Machine Shop has over forty different major pieces of equipment designed to build and re-manufacture parts and products. AVI is in a position to remedy most any situation. We make every effort to expedite your parts on time and on schedule.

Production Equipment Rebuilding

AVI excels in providing a real time solutions quickly and affordably with a team of dedicated professionals. We always have our customer's best interest in mind. Many manufacturers contact us with equipment troubles that prevented them for running production lines. We find it easy to provide solutions to many of their problems in a timely fashion. Our field engineers are used to finding solutions to problems around the world.

Green Energy - "Land & Water"

AVI has been helping utilities around the world move  toward a cleaner, healthier energy future increasing efficiency of existing equipment and  incorporating new technologies in the process of generating electricity. AVI's knowledge of mixer technology for anaerobic digesters has created more efficiently with less waste and less down time. Our background in ocean wave energy capture is leading to new and promising products for the future.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Support

For almost 25 years AVI has been offering multiple services to help waste water treatment plants operate at full capacity. We repair and rebuild mixers for anaerobic digester throughout the USA. Using some of the same OEE Technology found in our large Boiler Water Circulating pumps, keeps your equipment running smoother, cooler and more efficient. Pumps built and serviced by AVI generally run longer between servicing.

Surface Engineering

Protecting industrial equipment and machinery is crucial for any kind of harsh industrial environments.  Industrial parts are very often worn out by wear, abrasion, erosion, vibration, fatigue and mechanical damage. Not protecting parts impairs their efficiency and initial functionality leading to equipment failure and the costly acquisition of new parts.

Our Solution... AVI has formed a strategic partnership with the Henkel Loctite corporation, where we have incorporated the use of special composites to rebuild, repair, restore and protect industrial equipment and surfaces which will extend equipment life, increase reliability, and improve safety by preventing occupational hazards due to part failure.

We have incorporated the use of specialized metal reinforcement fillers which are machinable and have superior adhesion.  These fillers eliminate costly welding, machining, and the replacement of parts.  More importantly we have the ability to restore parts that are no longer available for distribution.

"The finest tools in the hands of a fool is nothing but a worthless thing

But the poorest kind with a will behind can fashion a throne for a king"
Author Unknown

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