Bearing Designs

Water lubricated bearings are our specialty!
AVI has been involved in Hydrodynamic bearing design since its inception in 1993 they are part of the core design in Boiler Water Circulating Pumps.


Our Radial Bearings are designed to carry substantial thrust loads at high speeds, in either direction. AVI's Radial bearings accommodate loads that are predominantly perpendicular to the shaft. Our radial bearings are self aligning which makes them insensitive to misalignment. We can replace your exisitng Radial Bearing or design or create an upgraded version which will give you more efficiency and longer run times.


AVI's Axial Bearings (sometimes known as a Thrust Bearing) permit a smooth and vibration free rotation while minimizing heat and friction.


AVI bearings are built using our proprietary OEE Technology that is exclusive to AVI. With access to over 10 different types of bearing materials we can design and build bearings to fit your needs.

Apart from hydrodynamic bearings AVI can repair or replace most types of sleeve bearings and all types of ball and roller bearings including self aligning, noise tested , ceramic and yes even lignum vitae.


Call us for your bearing replacement or new bearing design needs. At AVI our job is to make your job run smoother.

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