Our Parts Warehouse is Your Parts Warehouse...

The cost of maintaining inventory is becoming an increasing factor in budgeting. Inventory costs are forcing companies to either increase their pricing or reduce their inventory to compensate for this. Either choice can decrease your company’s chance to remain competitive in today's market place. A pump failure can risk a substantial financial loss due to unavailability of parts..

AVI offers a reliable supply of quality replacement parts. This provides our customers the opportunity to minimize costly downtime. We have access to over one million dollars worth of spare parts and usually ship within 24 hours from the time the order is placed.


We offer reverse engineering services to replace parts that are no longer available or obsolete.

AVI implements an advanced inventory system designed to minimize your costs and tax liabilities by reducing your parts inventory while giving you fast, easy and reliable access to your boiler water circulating pump emergency stock. Call 800.376.7867 today, to learn about this innovative cost effective program.

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