Our Team

We have the experience that most companies can't match...
AVI’s team is truly dedicated to utilizing over 250 years combined experience in the industry. That's hardly impressive when you learn that 5 members of our technical staff have been at AVI for over 20 years, a credential few can match. This team has seen it all and are always passing on their knowledge to others through regular training and cross training sessions.  We believe it's important that all our technicians and engineers understand the process and can be brought in on almost any part of the project.

We are also privileged to have the experience of our “golden” team, those who have retired from the industry but are always on hand to give advice. The golden team has grown up playing with Boiler Water Circulating pumps as babies (just kidding), but they have watched pumps evolve over the years and it is their experience that comes in handy when there are legacy issues and the parts needed are no longer being manufactured.

Our diversified backgrounds include, electrical, mechanical, machining and welding. Our logistics team is knowledgeable in domestic as well as international transportation. Our Rapid Response Technical Team is focused on three simple principles: Quick Response, Technical Expertise, and Exceptional Customer Service.

Our unmatched expertise and service keeps our current customer coming back and brings new customers on board. Our business philosophy is quite simple: take care of your customers and build a superior product and they will keep coming back.


AVI International, Inc - 3240 Winsted Road - Torrington, CT 06790  USA - 800.376.7867