Surface Engineering Solutions

AVI offers complete suite of Surface Engineering Solutions...
AVI offers complete suite of Surface Engineering Solutions utilizing today's modern composite products to process and manufacturing industries, such as Power Generation, Steel, Petrochemical, Wast Water, medical, and aerospace. Our products and solutions rebuild, repair and protect the surface of equipment made of metal,  concrete or rubber.  Our certified process protects parts and equipment from erosion, corrosion, cavitation and chemical attack which will increase the lifespan of that product and significantly reduce maintenance costs. Our surface finishing process will increase efficiency, resolve wear resistance problems, and help reduce maintenance costs.

Some of the solutions we offer are:


  • Metal Repair
  • Wear Resistant Coatings
  • Sprayable Ceramic Coatings
  • Pump Coatings

Surface Rebuilding and Repairing using Metal Filled Compounds...
AVI is a Certified in using and applying Loctite® brand Fixmaster® Metal-filled Compounds. We offer maintenance solutions to the problems caused by impingement and mechanical damage, including cracks in housings, worn keyways in shafts and collars, worn cylindrical shafts, etc. Our special compounds repair, rebuild and restore damaged machinery and equipment permanently and without the need of heat or welding


Key benefits of AVI's Loctite® brand Fixmaster® Metal-filled Compounds:


  • Fast repair
  • Low shrinkage to reduce stress on components
  • Easy to apply
  • No need to heat parts
  • Make repairs right on the production line
  • Match metal colour
  • Can be drilled, tapped or machined after cure
  • Superior adhesion to metal, ceramic, wood, glass and some plastics
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals to increase part life
  • Choice of mild steel, aluminium or non-metallic fillers
  • Create durable repairs
  • High compression strength for mechanical applications


Rebuild, Repair and Protect Industrial Equipment...
Below are some of the industries we serve and how they benefit in the performance and cost savings utilizing AVI's Surface Engineering Solutions.  All the processes demonstrated in the videos on this page are applicable in across all the industries we serve.  Please view these short videos to learn how our solutions can benefit your mechanical needs.


Power Plant Maintenance & Surface Engineering Solutions

From the removal of the Boiler Water Circulating Pump to the installation of a primary air fan, AVI surface engineering solutions utilizing Loctite® products can increase equipment reliability and lower the expensive downtime associated with the maintenance of a plant.


From the moment coal is dumped and makes its way to the crusher, to the time the electricity from the turbine makes its way to the grid, our special applications are hard at work reducing friction and improving efficiency and durability.


Benefits to our process include:


  • Prevent abrasion and repair chutes in crusher house
  • Prevent abrasion to pipes, walls and pulverizer cones
  • Repair worn fan shafts
  • Repair and prevent cavitation in cooling water pumps
  • Lining crusher plates and crusher plant conveyor belt repair
  • Protect pump and heat exchanges from erosion and corrosion
  • Protect and repair ash handling equipment

General Equipment & Infrastructure

General Equipment

With extremely hard reinforcement fillers, Loctite® Polymer Composite products have excellent wear resistance and superior adhesion. They are designed for specific service conditions to protect and extend the service life of a wide range of plant and equipment. The advantage of using these products is they act as a sacrificial and renewable working surface, protecting the structural integrity of the original substrate. AVI offers a complete suite of Polymer Composite made by Loctite® that will treat and protect your assets against the harshest industrial environments.



Cracked floors, damaged loading docks, redundant repairs on HVAC systems and pneumatics. All of these contribute to downtime and increased operating costs. The bottom line and cost reductions are very important to Facility and Contract Maintenance professionals.  Through the use of Loctite® Solutions, our technicians can stop costly leaks, prevent equipment failure and permanently repair equipment.

Waste Water Treatment

AVI offers a wide range of high-quality Henkel Loctite applications formulated to help wastewater industry plants repair and extend the life of equipment and protect mechanical and civil assets.

  • Repair and prevent corrosion of grit chamber paddles
  • Prevent pump wear and increase pump efficiency
  • Seal and repair clarifier expansion joints -Extend life and prevent corrosion of chemical containment areas
  • Protect and rebuild pumps and valves
  • Protect and rebuild concrete structures and foundations from severe corrosion  Seal and Repair Expansion joints



Minimize the occurrence of corrosion and unnecessary maintenance due to the harsh environments that equipment must withstand.


The tough environment in chemical production and handling contributes to a variety of maintenance issues.  A loose fastener, worn pump or leaky gasket can lead to downtime and costly cleanup.  Utilize AVI's surface engineering experience in harsh environments to:


  •     Protect and coat chemical containment areas
  •     Protect and rebuild valuable pumps and parts
  •     Prevent damage from corrosion and costly fluid and air leaks
  •     Protect tanks and vessels from Corrosion / Erosion
  •     Protect and rebuild pumps , valves and Heat Exchanger
  •     Protect Pipes and Structures from Erosion / Corrosion


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