Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment Plant Support

For almost 25 years AVI has been offering multiple services to help waste water treatment plants operate at full capacity. We repair and rebuild mixers for anaerobic digester throughout the USA. Using some of the same OEE Technology found in our large Boiler Water Circulating pumps, keeps your equipment running smoother, cooler and more efficient.  More importantly, Pumps built and serviced by AVI generally run longer between servicing which reduces costs and improves your return on investment.


On-Site and Off-Site Water and Wastewater Equipment Repair:
AVI’s technicians perform the needed maintenance or repairs at your location or you can ship your equipment to us.

Our rebuilding service includes balancing on our large soft bearing balance machine. This allows us to build a product that will operate with less vibration than most. Our Machine shop can repair or reproduce most any part required for your equipment.  We are certified Henkel Loctite specialists.  Our strategic partnership with Henkel Loctite has provided us with the application training to prevent many problematic areas of wear, corrosion, material fatigue during the rebuilding and repair process.

Our Field Service Technicians and engineers are ready at a moment's notice to support a solution to the most difficult problem.


Waste Water Treatment Plant Services


Anaerobic digester mixers: we offer full service from inspection of the draft tube to new impellers, balancing shafts, repairs new radial bearings and coatings.


Centrifuges: our balance machines can smooth out the vibrations , weld repair stainless components install new bearings or install wear resistant coatings all to extend the life and offer great reliability.


AVI can supply repair parts no longer supported by the OEM


Piping: AVI is certified to apply Henkel Loctite coatings to reduce erosion and corrosion.


Electric motor repair: AVI can rewind, rebuild and install radial and axial bearings following EASA protocols.


Blower's: Fan replacement, balancing, new bearings all done in our facility in Torrington CT.


Electrical testing: AVI offers a full range of electrical testing to analyze and perform root cause analysis and offer a solution for repair.


Sewage Treatment Plants


Mixers for anaerobic digesters: It is recommended that each mixer be inspected every other year as a minimum . AVI can perform the necessary inspection and provide a detailed report on the as found condition of the mixer assembly. Most wear items can be replaced at site however AVI can refurbish at our facility any mixer where site conditions do not allow for such repairs.

Pump Coatings: AVI is certified by Henkel Loctite to install various types of coatings to prevent erosion and or corrosion of critical components.

Centrifuges: AVI can provide stainless Steel weld repair balancing bearing changes or upgrades for most types of centrifuges.

Other repairs: AVI can provide fabricated cast or forged parts to replace damaged components not supported by the OEM.

Call us at 1-800-376-7867 with any questions regarding waste water and sewage treatment repair and service needs.


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